House clearance While Grieving

If you are reaching out to my service after the death of a loved one, then please accept my deepest sympathies. Sadly my own loss puts me in a position where I can be of great help.

Let me begin by saying that if you find you are putting off decluttering and there’s no urgency, IT’S OK. Sorting through the possessions of someone you hold dear, is one of the hardest things to do. More difficult yet, when the pain is still so raw and a property needs to be emptied out quickly for sale. That’s a lot of goodbyes in anyone’s book.

If you do find you are short of time or unable to cope with the pressure, there are probate house clearance companies that can deal with the entire process for you. However if you feel that you would like to manage it yourself, but need support to do it all, then that is something I can help you with.

In all honesty, you’ll never really be ready. You just have to pick a day, take a deep breath, and be prepared to shed a few tears along the way  – and that’s ok, because it’s ok to feel sad when someone special has passed away and left a gaping big hole in your life. It’s testament to what a great person they were.

Believe it or not, going through your loved one’s items will help a great deal with your personal grieving process. It won’t take away the emptiness you feel, but in a strange way, you’ll probably feel closer to that person. Certain items will hold their own magic, giving you a sense of comfort or evoking special memories.

There will be material possessions that will have tremendous sentimental value to you. Things that you absolutely want to keep. They’ll be even more things you have no idea what to do with, yet find difficult letting go of. That is as it should be, it’s natural, so long as you don’t guilt yourself into thinking you’re doing your loved one a disservice if you get rid of things you don’t really want. You can’t keep everything. It’s not practical, nor is it healthy.

Allow those things to move on and be loved and used again by someone else. Either by passing on to another who would appreciate it, by selling,  donating or recycling.

For no matter where these items end up, your loved one will always be with you in spirit, no matter what you did or didn’t keep. 

A More Personalised approach to ease the process

What To Do With It All?

My service will include as much or as little help as you require. Sorting through items room by room into designated areas with care, empathy and attention to detail.


  • Careful clearing that may lead to discovery of lost, hidden or unknown items.


  • Separating items that may be of high value to be appraised by a specialist.
  • Putting sentimental items to one side.

  • Boxing up antiques, jewellery, collectables and other valuables that can be sold through online market places, car boot sales or auction houses. Through an estate liquidator or probate clearance company.

  • Boxing up smaller items for family members,  storage, sale or recycling.

  • Important documents collated.

  • Any unwanted, usable items in good condition bagged /labelled and ready for donation or selling.

  • Recycling, rubbish/junk bagged or grouped

  • Labelling contents that aren’t being cleared

  • Suggestions along the way for items that have upcycling potential and can be turned into treasured keepsakes

  • Organising licensed clearance and rubbish removal

  • Organising charity donation pick up
decluttering after someone dies



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