"Buyers Only Know What They See, Not The Way It's Going To Be"

If you’re looking to sell your home or find yourself in a slow property market, then home staging is a popular way to increase your home’s selling price and attract prospective buyers.

Home staging is the art of setting the stage for potential buyers, by bringing out its best features. We achieve this by capturing the essence of your home with a makeover.

Visualising what “could be” can be really difficult and “seeing is believing.” So, by staging your property it helps buyers to focus on the positives of your home and develop a personal connection. They’ll be able to see the possibilities of what can be done in those spaces with the addition of furniture, plants, and accessories.

Beginning with the living room, master bedroom and kitchen, the first step will be to declutter and depersonalize, by putting away day to day living items like photos. Clutter is distracting and by removing it, your buyer’s gaze will be focused on your rooms instead of your belongings. With less clutter, your property will seem bigger too.

Properties that are staged have greater selling potential

"You never get a second chance to make a First Impression"

We all know that first impressions speak volumes. As a home stager I can look at your home with objective insight. A fresh pair of eyes that can see beyond what’s there, and what should actually be there. Evaluate its marketability, and then provide suggestions on what could be done to increase your home’s appeal to prospective buyers. This will also include the exterior with advice on improving your home’s kerb appeal.

The staging process will involve revising layouts to make rooms appear bigger and creating a relaxing an inviting atmosphere by downplaying flaws and highlighting the attractive features in your home. The overall idea is to make your property look less like your home, and more like one a potential buyer would like to live in.

If you’re budget is tight, then soft staging is a fantastic alternative. This option is similar to home staging just without the furniture. Little details like artwork and accessories, will make a big impact by making the home more inviting.

If your property has been on the market for a few months, your estate agent is likely to suggest you lower the asking price. Rather than do this and lose money, it makes more sense to invest in home staging. You’ll benefit from being able to take beautiful  photos as a result to use online, and woo potential buyers. 

It’s an investment worth making, and one that will come back to you when you sell.

If you’re not selling your property but have moved to a new home, or want your old one revamped, our home styling service will be just what you need to bring some much needed va va voom!

So don’t waste any more time, and get in touch!

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