Destined To Become The House Organiser

Welcome to my online home – mi casa es su casa!

Growing up my home was always tidy and organised. Somehow my mum always managed to balance working in a demanding full-time job with being the ultimate housewife. I’d say she started me on the House Organiser path when I was very young, and that over the years I learnt by her example without ever really realising it.

My dad is a salt of the earth kind of fella, and I believe founder of our golden house rule, “Put things back where you found them when you’re done.”  I didn’t know it then, but it turns out this is the magic key to keeping things tidy – Who knew!

As a young adult I ended up at the London College for The Distributive Trades, for window dressing. I found I was naturally talented in this field and worked freelance for a few years. I had a lot of regular clients, and really enjoyed dressing their windows. Styling and decorating a few home and shop interiors along the way.

I moved onto set styling for various productions that I still do today such as: video promos ( Primal Scream, Girls Aloud) commercials, (Audi A4) exhibitions, (DeBeers, Toy fair) Events, ( Regent Street Beach – children’s cancer charity) Online Promos, ( Vodaphone, Disney) and the like.

Among other things, I’ve successfully organised and styled weddings, as well as large-scale community events too.

I have a vast array of natural creative and artistic skills that come to the fore in my house decluttering, organising, styling, and staging.  

A Place For Everything & Everything In It's Place

"There Are Some Things You Need To Experience, To Understand"

With many years of experience under my belt, I can finally say I have come into my own as the House Organiser. I absolutely love every aspect of it, and it continues to be a labour of love. Strangely therapeutic and very rewarding.

For others it can be really difficult to keep focused and motivated. Especially when feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the task ahead, to the point where very little is actually achieved.

The other barrier of course is time, and unfortunately the one thing most people lack and desire most. By engaging me as your house organiser by the end of the process this is exactly what you will benefit from – as well as a space that is easier to manage.

I was doing this long before it ever became “A Thing,” and the lovely Marie Kondo coined the phrase, “Does it spark joy?”

Yes, for me, doing this job absolutely does.

I am open minded, non-judgemental, and very passionate about my work. I put my all into every job I do, paying the greatest attention to the smallest of details.

For me, only a job well done is worth doing. In all honesty, I can say there’s no greater job satisfaction than making a difference and being part of the transformation in my client’s homes. Witnessing the expression on their faces as the stress literally disappears, and relief sets in. As a new appreciation emerges from where there was once chaos.

Jenny x

house organiser

To A Tidy Home