Terms & Conditions

Decluttering and Home Organising T&Cs

During our in-home consultation we will have discuss what you would like to achieve and how we will go about it.

Please read our terms and conditions below carefully. You will be required to sign your approval to proceed with our service. Thank you.

The House Organiser is a professional, confidential and discreet service. We always respect the privacy of our clients and will never divulge any client information, personal or business to a third party. We may give examples to other clients of how particular situations were addressed such as storage solutions, but in no way as to identify you. By entering into contract with us, you agree that your personal details will be held securely, to be used only in connection with the services carried out by The House Organiser. Before and after photographs may be taken for marketing purposes and to inspire others. These photographs will be depersonalised and unidentifiable by a third party and would simply be used as examples of work.

The House Organiser is fully insured for public liability and professional indemnity up to £1,000,000 which is activated upon signature of the Client Agreement.

The House Organiser will always take great care when handling your possessions in your property. In the unlikely event that an accident occurs and a possession is damaged or broken, please note that The House Organiser will not be held liable for any losses or damages incurred, so please ensure you have adequate and appropriate home buildings or contents insurance to compensate you, as this is not covered by our public liability insurance.

The client will accept complete responsibility for all, or any items disposed of in the decluttering process. It is therefore advisable that before your decluttering session that you mentally prepare yourself to be rid of items that no longer serve you. To ensure that discussions about keeping or passing on belongings are made with a clear mind we politely request that a client is not under the influence of alcohol or non-prescription drugs. Unfortunately, in this instance, we shall have to re-schedule at the client’s cost. The House Organiser will suggest and advise in good faith, and it will be entirely up to you to accept or disregard our advice. For example, If you’re having difficulty deciding which items to discard during the decluttering session the House Organiser may make suggestions to help you to choose. The House Organiser is not a valuer and does not have the expertise to identify valuable items. The House Organiser will, however, do her best to try to identify any potentially rare, unusual or possibly valuable possessions and put them to one side if these are items you wish to dispose of, or if you are not present, so that you can consult a professional valuer on their opinion first. If you are not available during the decluttering session, it may be necessary for The House Organiser to use professional judgement with regards to storage. In your absence it is advisable that you try to determine any areas and or spaces where you know there are definite items to dispose of that you can identify to The House Organiser before you leave. Please note that if you are unable to be present during the decluttering process, it will incur more time to achieve identifying items for disposal. In your absence we will also agree that identifying other items for disposal will occur in one of two ways…

  1. Items for disposal will be bagged and put to one side for you to go through later and then dispose of.
  1. Items for disposal will be photographed and or videoed and then sent to you by WhatsApp for an immediate decision, and then bagged for disposal /re-distribution as agreed.

No disposal of your possessions will take place without your authorisation. The House Organiser will suggest various options for disposal of goods but will not accept responsibility for any item you later decide was valuable, you can’t locate or shouldn’t have been disposed of. The House Organiser is happy to remove one carload of items in an environmental manner, i.e. recycled, charity shop. These goods will not be returnable. If our session has ended before the car is loaded, there may be an additional small fee if there are a lot of items. Other surplus items will need to be disposed of by yourself, by re-gifting, upcycling, donating, to a recycling centre, in a skip or by using a licenced waste carrier./p

The House Organiser will provide you with a quote. To book our service I will ask you to read through our terms and conditions and sign our agreement. A 50% deposit to confirm your booking is required. The balance of your payment, together with any extras such as storage containers, is payable at the end of the session by BACs transfer or cash.

The House Organiser will work hard to achieve the best possible organisational flow for the project space. We will do light cleaning of the area before replacing or storing items, but any deep cleaning is a job for other hired help or at an additional fee at our discretion. Please note that if this is the case, it will incur more time to achieve the finished result. The House Organiser will relocate items to other areas of your home as needed to free up space and better organise but will refrain from very heavy lifting that could cause injury.

Bookings are made for a pre agreed time slot which is estimated. Although we do our best to complete the task within that time, various factors such as indecision with what to declutter by the client may come into play and increase the time needed. Should the service be expected to take longer, The House Organiser will discuss this with the client during the session to determine the best course of action ie, additional hour/s on the day, or the return of the House Organiser for another session. After 2 hours, The House Organiser will take a short break which you will not be charged for. If you choose to end a session earlier than the pre-booked time, you will be invoiced for the original booked session time.

Decluttering and organising sessions are booked with a minimum slot of 4 hours in order to see any significant progress in any one category. Most sessions last 4-6 hours. In order to achieve the desired result it is advisable to work one to one with the consultant when other family members are not present, to enable you to stay focused on the task ahead. The number of sessions you will need will depend on various factors such as the size of your home, the volume of items to be organised and how prepared you are. Overall the process can be quite physically and emotionally draining even though we will work at your own pace, and break when you feel you need to. Please be aware however that these breaks will count towards the duration of the booked session. There is usually the flexibility to add additional hours to your session on the day if necessary.

You have a duty of care to ensure that your premises are safe to work in, and you agree to disclose as soon as possible any circumstances which might put The House Organiser at risk. ie, structural weaknesses in your property or infectious medical conditions.

For the purposes of safety and emergencies, another person will always know our location and session timings.

Things happen and sometimes cancellations are unavoidable, however we would appreciate it if you would give us as much notice as possible so we can try to allocate the session elsewhere. We will happily reschedule your appointment for a more convenient date if you choose to do so at no extra charge.

Please note that we cannot accept email cancellations as they are easily missed or not seen on time, and kindly ask that you call us direct or send us a text with at least 72 hours (3 clear days) notice. Cancellations made with 72 hours or more in advance of the session will be refunded in full.

Cancellations made with less than 72 hours’ notice and more than 24 hours’ notice will incur a 50% charge of the full quoted amount which will be in the form of forfeiture of the deposit.

Cancellations made with less than 24 hours’ notice before the session is due to start, and on the same calendar day as the booked session, will not be refunded.

*The House Organiser reserves the right to use discretion in extreme circumstances and not charge a fee for late cancellation as deemed appropriate.

Cancellations of rescheduled sessions are also not eligible for refund.

Any other expenses (ie storage containers) incurred in advance by The House Organiser will be payable by the Client in full, regardless of cancellation circumstances if the session is not rescheduled.

If I need to cancel our agreement for any reason, I will let you know as soon as it is possible. I will re-schedule the session to a new date that is convenient to us both. Should this for some reason be unacceptable to you, I will refund your deposit in full.

A journey that takes up to 30mins to reach the client as estimated by google maps will not incur a fee. Where the project is more than 30 minutes and up to a 1-hour drive from Ealing a £10 travel fee will be charged for the round trip. For any longer travelling times, the fee will be agreed upon in advance. Where free parking is not available, any parking expenses incurred will be submitted along with any Congestion and ULEZ charges for reimbursement. If you have a large project that requires more than a day’s work, then depending on your location it may be necessary and more economical to provide me with suitable accommodation whilst I complete the assignment.

If you hire me to work at a particular location and access is restricted or unsafe, The House Organiser reserves the right to charge for the lost time and expenses.

Decluttering and organising sessions are charged at a minimum of 4 hours and then hourly after that. A 50% deposit based on your quote is required upon booking your session. The balance of your payment including any extra hours you may have added on the day, as well as any storage solutions that may have been purchased on your behalf, and any travel/parking expenses incurred is required to be paid in full, at the end of the session. You can make this payment by cash or bank transfer as agreed. Thank you.