Decluttering FAQs

Well, all I can say is that if you’ve gone as far as seeking me out, the chances are pretty high that you’re ready to tackle things head on and start to free up space. If you’re having a bit of a wobbly about it, then go and take another look at what you want to sort and overcome. If you’re sick of the sight of it, then you’re ready.  With my help, we’ll climb that mountain together and slide down the other side without so much as a bruise!

Yes! After your initial free phone conversation we will arrange a date for an in-home consult. This will be charged at £50. If you decide to book a session within the next 6 weeks of the consult, this will count towards your deposit. If you cancel the session, this fee will not be refundable.

It’s all about mess and I love it! Without it there would be no need to declutter and organise! It’s not my job to judge, neither do I want to. Seeing your home as it stands is the only way I can work out what system will work and where to possibly relocate things. The most satisfying part for me is making the difference, so you can enjoy your home again. So really, don’t worry about it!

Yes. Absolutely. We use the utmost discretion and practice complete confidentiality.

Yes, Your home is in safe hands! The House Organiser is covered by Public Liability  & Professional Indemnity Insurance.

The House Organiser will provide you with a quote. To book our service I will ask you to read through our terms and conditions and sign our agreement. A 50% deposit to confirm your booking is required. The balance of your payment, together with any extras such as storage containers, is payable at the end of the session by BACs transfer or cash.

  • Get excited, we’re going to be making some positive changes!
  • Don’t tidy up. It’s better that the house organiser gets a real feel for how you currently live and what you’re dealing with.
  • Do however, make sure the space is safe to work in and pathways are clear.
  • Try to mentally prepare yourself to let go of things you no longer need.
  • Think about what you really want to achieve from this and the end goal.

Absolutely Not. Every single item that leaves your home will do so with your full approval. It’s entirely your decision Just remember that in order to organise your items we need to create space for them by having a clear out and decluttering. Any items that don’t serve you right now that you wish to keep may need to be stored or relocated elsewhere like a loft or a garage.

Yes, I can’t do it without you! It’s a process that you need to be a part of, because only you know what you need, and what something means to you. It’s also a learning curve that will help you to keep things under control in the future.

The length of your session will depend on your project. During your in-house consultation I will give you an estimated time, and aim to complete the work within the time frame. However that said, it will depend on the volume of items, and your ability to let go of the things you no longer need or want. Should more time be required for any reason we will discuss this with you first.

The minimum session is 4 hours which perfect for smaller projects.

I may be able to give you additional hours on the day or otherwise arrange to come back.

Things beyond our control happen to us all, so if for some reason you can’t keep our appointment I will be happy to reschedule to a more convenient time. 

Cancellations made with less than 24 hours’ notice will forfeit your deposit.

Please read our Terms and Conditions for more clarification.

During your in-home consultation we will discuss what storage systems we can use, your budget and requirements. I will source and purchase containers etc on your behalf, or you might choose to do this yourself. I always travels with a kit that will help to reorganise your home and will carry a selection of storage boxes, hangers etc that you can purchase if you choose.

The House Organiser will organise items that are discarded into categories. Should you wish I am happy to help by taking away a car load for recycling or donating at the end of each session at an additional fee of £20 per carload. It is your responsibility to dispose of any rubbish or surplus discarded items. For unwanted goods which are heavy or bulky I can suggest useful sources for third party waste carriers To get some idea of disposing solutions please read here

With your permission I would love to take before and after photos for marketing purposes and to inspire others. These photographs will be depersonalised and unidentifiable by a third party, they will simply be used as examples of work.

No, unfortunately we are unable to work with hoarders at this time. Hoarding is a mental health problem that requires specialist attention which we are not qualified to give. In this instance we advise that you speak with a licensed therapist. HelpGuide.org is full of useful information that may help if you find yourself or someone you know in this situation.