"It's Not About What It Is, It's About What It Can Become

Hand in hand with a decluttering session comes a really good clear out! 

This means they’ll probably be a whole heap of stuff that needs disposing of too – But where?

Of course some of your clutter may only be fit for the rubbish tip, but with the rest, there are a number of options worth considering that will get the job done nicely. 

During your decluttering session, It will become apparent which options will be best suited to your items.

All your discarded items will be sorted into the various disposing categories, ready for collection or distribution to the relevant places.

Any necessary rubbish clearance can be arranged on your behalf, or sources passed on if you wish to do this yourself.

What To Do With All The Stuff You Don't Want?


"One Person's Rubbish, Is Another Person's Treasure"


You’ll be surprised at what people will buy. Did you know that two sisters sold a cornflake that was shaped like the state of Illinois for $1,350 on ebay in 2008? True fact.

So if you have things that you no longer need, it may be worth selling them on. People buy all kinds of things if it peeks their interest. Generally speaking items sell better if they are in relatively good condition. That said, you never know your luck, depending on who’s buying.

There are a number of avenues to consider for your sales, depending on what you’re selling. Items of high value will need to go to specialised places such as an auction house or dedicated dealer. Lower value items can be sold online, at a car boot sale, or even from your own garage.


"One Person's Rubbish, Is Another Person's Treasure"

No time wasted with this choice! If your items can be recycled, then this is an easy and terrific option.

Quite simple, recycling protects the environment. The UK currently saves around 18 million tonnes of CO₂ in a year. In real terms, this equates to about 5 million less cars on the road. 

By recycling, less rubbish goes to land fills, and less energy is used to prepare new products from raw materials.

  • Check what can be recycled in your area, HERE

Free Collection & donation Service

free collection service

Your unwanted items can go to a new home without you leaving yours. You can help raise money for charities and give back to the community simply by booking a slot for your collection and free up space in your home for the things you love.


"Creativity is Making Marvelous Out Of The Discarded"


This option is terrific if you’re creative or want to commission a project. With a little imagination you’ll be amazed at what could be. Many items, especially clothes can be repurposed and fashioned into something else.

For people who are grieving, This is a particularly wonderful choice.  A teddy bear made from a dear person’s clothing for example can be a bridge between loss and healing.


"It's Better To Donate Than Accumulate"

Donating your unwanted items to a charity shop of your choice is a great option. Your old clothing and various bric a brac will generate a portion of much needed income for the charity, and at the same time you will have created space at home.

A few charities also have the facilities to offer home collections services. Very useful for bulky items or heavy furniture you’d like to donate.

Junk Removal

"It's Not About What It Is, It's About What It Can Become"

rubbish removal

Eeco friendly waste carriers who are fully insured and licensed to dispose of your unwanted goods. Their system reuses your waste responsibly.

  • Rubbish removal
  • e-waste recycling
  • House Clearance
  • Probate Clearance
  • Commercial waste clearance
  • Office Clearance
  • Fly tipping clearance
  • Hoarding house clearance
  • Construction Rubbish